National Emergency Contraception – 0800 246 432

Rape Victims Preventing Pregnancy

Emergency Contraception to prevent pregnancy

To prevent pregnancy you need to start emergency contraception within 72 hours of being raped, call 0800 246 432 for help (your doctor and most pharmacies can sell you emergency contraception).

If you know that you are HIV negative or think you are HIV negative it is essential that you get PEP within 72 hours of being raped. The sooner you start with PEP the more effective they are. Call 0800 012 322 (Nation-wide, 24-hours a day) right now to find the closest place for you to get free PEP. If a survivor is given PEP, the chance of contracting HIV is reduced by about 81%. Evidence for convicting the rapist should be collected within 72 hours of being raped (contact your nearest police station).

PLEASE NOTE: Please remember that this information is not intended to replace medical treatment or medical advice from your doctor or clinic.

If You Find Out You Are Pregnant and Need to Talk

South Africa Helplines:


0861 322 322 – Counselling, 24-hours a day

083 484 9409 – Rape Crisis, 24-hours a day

Worldwide Helplines: •  (World-wide network with telephone numbers)  • (World-wide network with telephone numbers)  • (World-wide network with some telephone numbers)  • (UK Helplines)

Take a Deep Breath

You have choices. Unplanned pregnancy can be very overwhelming and finding out you are pregnant due to being raped is an extra trauma, but you do have choices. And there are people who can help you. Few women readily choose to have an abortion. But the position they find themselves in when facing an unplanned pregnancy can make them feel there is no alternative. The pressure of circumstances can seem overwhelming and there is often a lack of support at this critical time.

Rape Crisis Helderberg partners with an organization called CHOICES. This organization wants to give you these things. CHOICES is:

  • pro-women
  • committed to empowering through information
  • irrespective of race, age or creed
  • empowers women to make well informed decisions
  • offers hope for their future & their families

With CHOICES you are able to explore all options.

Their services include: Crisis pregnancy centre – offering an information and counselling facility for women and their families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Clients are able to explore all their options. Their main aim is to counsel in such a way that women know they are welcome back.

Abortion – CHOICES offers pre and post abortion support in the form of one-on-one or group sessions, taking the client suffering from post abortion stress, through various issues such as emotional pain, guilt, anger, depression, low self worth and forgiveness.

Adoption – CHOICES works with accredited social workers who help find adoptive parents. Together we offer support to prepare the birth mom, adoptive parents and baby for the adoption plan.

Residential Unit – This is the CHOICES home for pregnant women who have either chosen to release their baby for adoption or who are in need of emergency accommodation. Seven women can be accommodated at one time and all residents are involved in household duties including cooking, gardening, washing and other chores. A homely atmosphere is maintained.

‘Choices’ Skills – CHOICES offers computer literacy classes, sewing lessons and general arts and crafts. These are to equip clients and residents with a means of supporting themselves and thus improving their quality of life.

CHOICES contact details:

Tel: 021 852 6454

Fax: 021 852 6195


Postal: P.O. Box 3486, Somerset West, 7129

Residential: Schapenberg Road, Somerset West


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