Our Partners

Our Friends, Partners & Networking Associates

(this list is unfortunately not complete due to our time constraints, if your name should be on this list and we have neglected to put it on, please ask to have it put on)

Since Rape Crisis Helderberg started serving the community in 1993, we have been privileged to have made many friends with other organisations and individuals, both in our field, in supplementary fields and in completely different fields. This network of supporters is very dear to us and we are proud to list them here:

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous
    Substance abuse is not un-common when dealing with rape- and incest survivors therefore we often refer clients to this organisation.
  2. Choices – Crisis Pregnancy Centre
    This organisation provides accommodation and care for mothers who are going to give up their babies for adoption. We have placed some clients with Choices and have financially supported their stay there if there was no other alternative. They in turn refer clients to us who have fallen pregnant after a rape.
  3. Connect Network
    A network for abused women and children, based in Somerset West.
  4. HIV Clinic – Tina and Nellie van der Maas
    About 30% of our clients are HIV+ and the knowledge that Tina and Nellie have on this subject is invaluable to us. They also present our volunteer training courses on HIV/Aids.
  5. Helderberg Hospital
    The hospital has made rooms available at no cost, supplies medication and covers all our telephone and electricity costs.
  6. Macincedane – Employment empowerment agency
    Clients from Rape Crisis Helderberg have been able to find employment through this agency.
  7. Patch – Child abuse centre
    They share the Crisis Centre with us for the Intervention program and clients under the age of 18 years are referred from and to them.
  8. Psychologist – Heloise Uys
    For further therapy clients are referred to her and she presents training for volunteers.
  9. Charity SA
    For further information click on this link: http://www.charitysa.co.za

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