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Our Team At Rape Crisis Helderberg

“Much of our success is due to the kind volunteers who selflessly help us to provide our services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also want to thank the Helderberg community for the love, support and prayers that we can’t do without. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” says Reinette Evans, the director at Rape Crisis Helderberg.

“We have a wide range of volunteers both women and men, ranging from the remarkable lady who runs our second-hand shop, ladies who visit and befriend victims at our safe house, ladies who tirelessly help with creating memorable fundraising events, men who help us with moving, fixing, driving and of course the crisis centre volunteers who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help any member of the community who is raped. Many of these exceptional people have been involved for years and we are so so grateful!”

coun_reinetteReinette Evans – Director and Head Counsellor
Reinette Evans (and Leah)     Director of Rape Crisis Helderberg and Head Counsellor. Reinette has been serving our community since taking over the leadership of Rape Crisis Helderberg in 1995. Since 2002 she has also run a weekly support group at the crisis centre for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and a safe house in the Helderberg Basin. Reinette has an incredible ability to work with these problems. Her love, endless energy and commitement to helping survivors to heal keeps Rape Crisis Helderberg growing. She is more than just the director and head counsellor, Reinette is also everyone’s MOM – giving support, guidance, encouragement, advice, practical help and constant love to her LARGE family at Rape Crisis Helderberg.
Contact Details:     help@crisiscentre.org.za
Cell: 083 484 9409
Office: 021-851 1390 or 021-852 5620

Colleen-Louw-02Colleen Louw     Tele-funding. Colleen joined the Rape Crisis Helderberg Team at the end of 2008. Her past experience includes extensive secretarial work, which includes years at the TRC and at parliament. She now works with the fundraising team helping to keep Rape Crisis Helderberg running. Since living in the Helderberg she has put her exceptional telephone skills to good use in telemarketing, which she excels at and is now putting these years of skills in office work and telemarketing towards the fundraising efforts of Rape Crisis Helderberg. She is a valuable member of the fundraising team and does an excellent job.
Contact Details:     info@crisiscentre.org.za
Office: 021-852 5620

Rape crisis shopSam Mhlazan   In charge of the Crisis Center Fundraising Shop. Our second-hand shop is doing very well thanks to the continual hard work of Sam our shop manager and with the clothing and other items donated by the local community. Sam works every day and keeps the shop organised and running like clockwork.
Office: 021-852 5620




gillGill Van Rensburg     Spiritual Counsellor. Gill has been working with us since the beginning of 2009. She has been around for a lot longer though, as she is also a volunteer crisis counsellor at the Crisis Centre for PATCH. Her work with us came about because so many of our survivors struggle so much with spirituality. Gill is an accountant by profession, but started helping people grow spiritually in 1995. Her work as a lay spiritual counsellor has helped many, many people. We have been greatly blessed to have her join us to help with this huge need and the response we have had to her work has been very positive and very encouraging, with many clients requesting her help.
Contact Details:     help@crisiscentre.org.za
Office: 021-851 1390 or 021-852 5620

Anne Marais     Project Co-ordinator for all our fundraising and all administration. Anne has been working with us since 2004. As our work is entirely dependent on donations, we cannot survive at all without Anne. She works with funders throughout the world to bring in the funds needed to keep us going. This is a considerable amount each month as we run a fully equipped crisis centre, two satelite counselling offices, a safe house and at any given time are counselling in excess of 400 individuals. In addition our growing staff must be paid each month. This is a very small staff for all this work, so Anne does not only do fundraising and administration, she also does transporting, helps with functions, does banking, sorts donations and keeps us all in line! At the end of 2008 Anne had her second child and she now works from home. We are very grateful that we did not loose her!
Contact Details:     anne@crisiscentre.org.za
Office: 021-852 5620

elizeElize Harmse     Manages the collection tins. Elize joined the team in 2008. She worked part-time as a helper at the office and a volunteer crisis counsellor at the crisis centre during 2008. In December 2008 she joined the team full-time to manage the collection tins and continues to help at the office as well. Her help as a volunteer crisis counsellor is much appreciated as she selflessly helps out when she is on call as well as when others are not available!
Contact Details:     admin@crisiscentre.org.za
Office: 021-852 5620

Active Crisis Centre Volunteers:
Reinette Evans
Lynda Wright
Elize Harmse
Liana Knoetzen
Sarien Lategan
Trudie Lubbe
Jennifer Fullard
Rhona Ferndale

Other Active Volunteers:
Daniel Brunner
Daphne O Dea
Erika Kruger (massage therapy)
Edna Claasen
Bonnie Evans
Devin Atherstone
Ronel Pompe (photography)
Websurf staff (website hosting and help)
Fiona Chandler (training)
Heloise Uys (training)
Dee Moskoff (training)
Dr. Viljoen (training)
Dr. Verwey (training)
Chrisiana Ben-O-Ved (training)

Management Committee:
Chairperson: Reinette Evans
Vice Chairperson: Elna van den Hever
Treasurer: Inge Mechnig
Secretary: Vicky Smit
Additional Members:
Lesle Brent
Anne Marais
Liana Knoetzen
Natasha Loubser

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