Girlfriend Was Raped – Answer (27 MAY @ 03:30pm)

My girlfriend was raped.

People respond to rape in different ways and just because someone is acting as if nothing happened does not mean nothing happened. Most people will not say they have been raped if they have not. It takes enormous courage to say you have been raped.

My suggestion to you would be for you and your girlfriend to come to Rape Crisis Helderberg for counselling during the school holidays coming up. The counselling is free and even if your girlfriend is not willing to come – you are still welcome to come.

Our contact details are:
Tel: 021-851 1390 or Mobile: 083 484 9409 (24 Hour Crisis Line)
Address: Corner of Hospital Rd & Batavia St, Somerset West (See map below)

You are welcome to come visit us Monday – Friday 8 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Please encourage your girlfriend to come for counselling. She might not like the idea, but regardless of what happened, it does sound as if she needs some help.

Simply that her ex used to hit her is reason enough to come for help with setting healthy boundaries.

We would love to help both of you.

It can get better.

Kind regards,


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